Without exception, your choice of entertainment will have a significant  impact on your special day! Sound Obsession has been in business for 20 very wonderful and successful years! We make everything easy for our customers– I promise you! Not Everyone can successfully DJ a party or especially a wedding! Many people do not have the technical skill, announcing skills , music knowledge, or motivation to do a good job. Furthermore, most folks don’t have the skills necessary to be sensitive to the needs of the audience and respond to them! We will serve as an emcee, event coordinator, formal announcer, facilitator, lighting and sound technician, event planner, as well as an individual dedicated to making your day an enormous success!         With SOUND OBSESSION we provide Dj entertainment for all  types of events , but if there  one area that we excel at, it would have to be wedding receptions. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience at making wedding receptions run smoothly. Our commitment to you is simple, “We will treat your wedding reception with the same care and attention to detail as we would our own.”     As soon as you contract SOUND OBSESSION to provide Dj entertainment for your wedding reception, the first thing we do is send you a custom designed wedding questionnaire. This will help us personalize your wedding to your wishes and desires.      Your wedding reception is a celebration of your marriage that unfolds in phases:      It begins with the arrival of guests and socializing, then your arrival and introduction, traditional activities, and the fun and dancing. It can include many activities that should be planned and executed by professionals. SOUND OBSESSION will work closely with your photographer, caterer, coordinator, or whom ever we need too to ensure that things run smoothly, so you can have more time   for the “fun”.     
WE GO THE EXTRA MILE TO MAKE YOUR SPECIAL DAY…..                                      SPECIAL
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